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Our AG Professionals can help in all aspects of your Australian immigration, citizenship and passport needs. Of course our most important core objective is to help you succeed in your immigration matter or visa application which you have entrusted AG with for its highest professional care and conduct.

AG’s immigration consultancy model is designed to provide efficient and effective individual and business immigration services at the local (Australian), global and international levels. Our professional services are fully integrated and comprehensive, covering all aspects of immigration, citizenship and passport services for Australia primarily (and through our international affiliates, for other destination-countries as well).

Full & Detailed Consultations are by pre-arranged appointments only. Free initial enquiries are conducted by email correspondance and phone/skype discussions.

If you are not an Australian, and outside Australia, and you wish to inbound (enter) Australia either temporarily to visit, work, do business or study, or permanently to stay, then you (or your legal representative) must deal with the Australian Immigration Department.

If you do not have professional representation, you must personally prepare and lodge a legally “valid and complete” Australian Immigration Visa Application. You may be required to attend interviews with immigration officers before you can obtain the appropriate Australian visa that allows you to legally enter Australia.

Improperly completed, or applications missing required documentation are generally marked as "Invalid Applications", are rejected and returned to you. You may also lose the application fee. Professionally prepared documents are necessary to insure your best chance of success for your immigration matter or visa application.

If you wish to apply for Australian Citizenship, you must normally first hold an Australian Permanent Resident visa.

Failed offshore visa applications generally do NOT have Bridging visa (BV) or appeal rights. However, if you are already lawfully IN Australia, and your visa is about to expire and you wish to stay on but avoid the risk of arrest, detention, removal or deportation, …

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generally you must prepare and lodge "onshore" (meaning, inside Australia) a legally "valid and complete" Australian Immigration Visa Application to obtain an appropriate visa BEFORE the expiry date to avoid that risk. Failed onshore visa applications, in stark contrast, generally DO have continuing residency (BV) and appeal rights. Hence the accepted immigration wisdom and strategy is, whenever legally possible, to get yourself onshore legally with an "entry" visa the easiest and quickest way before you lodge more substantial or complex visa applications such as a "direct" PR application (if your factual situation permits) or an "indirect" PR application (via a strategically worked out onshore PR pathway/plan involving 2 or more transition "visas stops" legally designed to "join the dots" to PR status). Be thoroughly warned that unlawfully or illegally entering Australia (or any other destination-country) will result in dire immigration consequences that may include you and your family being banned permanently in the future from entering Australia which in turn is most likely to impact your entry to also other destination-countries. Indeed, the risks for getting it legally wrong or using unlawful procedures are very high and costly.

AG also provides full immigration services to allow you to lawfully enter other destination-countries too (besides Australia) and our worldwide team of international and global immigration experts can guide you with high quality legal advice, assistance and full representation. We can fully prepare, monitor and manage all your immigration application papers that will help you inbound other destination-countries. To view our regularly-updated list of other destination-countries and the AG Professionals who are able to help you inbound them, please click on:  Choose Your AG Professional to allow you to select your destination-country before you can choose (for that country) the AG Professional you need.

With operations beginning in Australia in 1995, and with over 20 years of knowledge-acquisition, applying technical skills and practical experience in handling Australian and International Immigration matters, the firm today known as AICLA Global (AG) is a proven, trusted and progressive international and global immigration services consultancy for fully advising, assisting and representing you in ALL areas of Immigration Law, Procedure and Policy – for entering (inbounding) Australia and other destination-countries. Our services are holistic and include global coordination and local management (including preparation) of all types of Australian and other-country Immigration visa applications and matters for clients - no matter how simple, complex or time-consuming. The expertise, qualifications, knowledge and practical experience of our team of immigration experts located in Australia and worldwide (which include Senior International and Australian-Government-licensed Immigration Lawyers) are clearly amongst the world’s professional best – which helps explain why AG is trusted and relied on by our clients after over 20 years.

By designing fully individualised (customised) solution-centric immigration plans which include important tailor-made legal strategies for success, AG provides individuals and businesses with detailed immigration advice, assistance and full legal representation in all immigration and citizenship matters. Our expert services are hired by individuals or corporations (mostly SMEs) and other employers who wish to help their employees, individuals and families – whether they are "onshore" or "offshore". And everything we do or do not do is centred on THE NUMBER ONE PRIORITY – the immigration result that SATISFIES THE REQUIREMENTS OF OUR CLIENT.

As might be expected, we have a large sample (viewable on our website) of successful Australian cases. And there are original handwritten testimonials sourced from our clients' files – compare this to “self-typed-up testimonials” you find on other websites. The large sample indicates the proven spread, depth and trustworthiness over more than 20 years of AG's professionalism and expertise beginning from AG’s formative corporate-culture years in the 90s. Although much of AG's work involves obtaining visas for our clients or handling very complex immigration applications and appeal cases, our AG Professionals will accept ALL types of immigration, passport and citizenship matters. Click on: Successful Cases and Range of Work and Testimonials and Recognition.

And because every one of our valued clients' personal and financial circumstances is different, AG's policy has long been to be as accommodating and flexible as possible regarding payment terms (including easy installment plans). YES YOU CAN negotiate AG's professional fee directly with your chosen AG Professional before the fee is FIXED and confirmed (with absolutely no hidden costs). Feel free at the same time to discuss the installment plan that suits your financial circumstances. For more, click on: Fees & Instalment Plans.

At AG, we fully understand that many persons and organisations, more so today, require the highest confidentiality and privacy in all dealings as well as the benefits of legal professional privilege (LPP) which can be enjoyed only when they deal with immigration lawyers/attorneys. AG fully respects this requirement and takes it very seriously. Please feel fully assured to discuss your privacy and confidentially needs with AG’s management who will advise on the appropriate AG Professional to handle your case. (Email your queries in the first instance, to: and put in the subject line: "Attention: Manager (CONFIDENTIAL)" so that suitable arrangements can be made for you to discuss your requirements).

As can be seen, AG is very different from traditional old-fashioned law firms and migration agent services in many important ways. For instance, at AG you are given the opportunity to choose, from our expert team of Australian and International AG Professionals, the immigration law consultant YOU WANT to consult with or handle your case from START TO FINISH – YOU CHOOSE, YOU DECIDE who your case manager will be. So that YOU KNOW from start to finish exactly who is directly handling and managing your case and therefore fully responsible. No confusion, doubts or passing the buck. Do our competitors do the same for you? Second, unless you tell us you prefer time-based monthly bills, all AG contracts are based on our ALWAYS-FIXED-FEE policy where you can pre-negotiate to fix the fee and installments so you can have total financial peace of mind that there are absolutely no hidden costs ("nasty surprises"). Do our competitors do the same for you? Further still, your AG Professional case manager is only paid by AG fully at the completion of your case and NOT before – this is a strong and real incentive for your AG Professional case manager to quickly and efficiently complete your case - exactly what all clients want. Do our competitors do the same for you? Also, all complaints are handled directly and amicably by AG's management and not (as with most of our competitors) by the person the subject of your complaint (that is, your case manager). AG's way is a whole lot better and more comfortable for you than having to discuss your complaint with the person who is not only the subject of your complaint but also the one handling your case. And in extreme circumstances, AG may even decide to re-assign your case to another AG Professional within the team at no extra cost to you. Do our competitors do the same for you? For more, click on Why use AG?


“making it easy to journey from anywhere to Australia”

Our worldwide team of Australian and International AG Professionals provide a range of “ALWAYS-FIXED-FEE” services for individuals, families and businesses.

Our AG Professionals are immigration and citizenship experts, and include licensed registered immigration lawyers.

Our holistic individual and business immigration services help eligible persons anywhere in the world to enter / remain in Australia or other destination-countries. We regularly update our list of destination-countries, and our Australian and International immigration experts …

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… provide high quality legal advice, representation and other immigration services to fully prepare and manage (including track and monitor) your Australian or global immigration application process. Although thoroughly global and international today, AG was “born and bred” in Australia and therefore has a more extensive track record of dealings with Australian Immigration authorities over 20 years. And by continuing to focus on online services technology (for obvious economic and other important benefits this delivers to our clients), SPECIALISE IN ONLY IMMIGRATION and improve on innovation and technology use, AG leads the online global immigration services industry in offering high-quality, effective and efficient immigration services that are fully affordable (and always-fixed-fee based) as well as proven over more than 20 years to be trustworthy and reliable. To view our expert immigration team of AG Professionals and the regularly-updated list of destination-countries on offer, please click on: Our AG Professionals – BEFORE your make your decision on who to hire.


NOTE: No walk-in enquiries. All consultations with our AG Professionals are by pre-arranged only face-to-face or phone appointments and must be pre-paid (unless complimentary - by invitation only). URGENT consultations are confirmed within 24 hours of pre-paid booking.

Let AG be your guide in what is probably the most important journey you will ever make.

To receive our quickest possible response, please select the one that best satisfies your query or situation. (And if you have chosen your AG Professional to handle your query or consultation, your request will automatically be emailed DIRECTLY to him/her for a QUICKER RESPONSE).

Choose your AG Professional 
(To Choose the AG Professional you want to consult with or handle your case)
Example: “I know my case mostly. I am looking for the right expert to carefully handle my case. So I want to choose my AG Professional and have a free brief phone discussion with him/her so I can be confident and trust that he/she understands and can handle my case competently from start to finish, and of course discuss AG’s ALWAYS-FIXED-FEE for doing the job”.

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Example: “I am just beginning my case and not sure where to start. So, can I have a free initial assessment of my case and, if my case is do-able, an invitation to briefly discuss my eligibility for available options and solutions?” (for NON-URGENT assessment situations. Indicating your chosen AG Professional allows a quicker response time).

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Example: “Can I have a free brief phone discussion with my chosen AG Professional regarding a general enquiry I have?” (for NON-URGENT general enquiries and brief phone discussions. Indicating your chosen AG Professional allows a quicker response time).

(For Standard pre-paid FULL consultation)
Example: “I want a consultation to FULLY AND COMPREHENSIVELY discuss my case with an immigration expert including explore/confirm my best options and all other important details?” (For non-urgent FULL consultations to cover all questions you have, normally confirmed within 2-4 days of booking. Indicating your chosen AG Professional allows a quicker response time).

(For URGENT pre-paid FULL consultation)
Example: “I want an URGENT Consultation to FULLY AND COMPREHENSIVELY discuss my case with an immigration expert including explore/confirm my best options and all other important details?” (For URGENT FULL consultations to cover all questions you have - confirmed within 24 HOURS of pre-paid booking OR ELSE STANDARD CONSULTATION rate applies. Indicating your chosen AG Professional allows a quicker response time).

For BUSINESS OR CORPORATE immigration enquiries
Email your full business details including your main questions that you want to discuss to (and put in subject line: “Business Enquiry”)
Note: Indicating your chosen AG Professional allows for a quicker response time. Therefore, click on Choose your AG Professional to allow you to choose your AG Professional as well as select the type of service you require.

If none of the above 6 links applies to your situation, please send a general email enquiry (including full details of your case and (importantly) your QUESTIONS). AG will review, assign and forward it to an appropriate AG Professional to handle. Please note that for commercial reasons, all general email enquiries receive a lower priority in processing; emails that have sparse/incomplete details or no questions (thus not enabling our AG Professionals to understand the purpose of the email) are deleted.
Email to: (and please put in subject line: “General Enquiry”). For a quicker response time, please select and click one of the above 6 links



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