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Welcome to AICLA Global ("AG")

Let AG be your expert guide in the most important journey you are likely to make … relocating to Australia !

Australian Visa & Immigration Specialists

On this page:

WHAT WE DO ... the bread and butter stuff

Providing high quality services (advising, assisting, representing and guiding clients all the way) based on significant accumulated experience gained over 20 years ... for a FIXED FEE ... for making successful visa applications to migrate, re-unite the family, do business, work, study, retire or just visit Australia – this has been and continues to be AG’s bread and butter stuff for over 2 decades. And it’s true that over that time, we have successfully case-managed probably every kind of visa application. So, if it’s about Australian immigration and creating for yourself the bountiful opportunities that go with it, help you we can.

AG’s experienced immigration experts (licensed immigration lawyers and other professionals) help individuals, families and businesses with all visa types – including skilled, employer/state sponsored, 457, partner, business owner/investor, student and refugee visas. From the ordinary to the most complex - we have handled them. We can also handle cases at all levels & stages - from initial visa application to tribunal (AAT) and Federal Court appeals. And if you wish AG to take over management of an existing case, we offer a seamless transition process. To view the very broad spectrum of cases we have handled, click on: [Successful Cases & Range of Work]

At AG, we strongly believe that the single most important entrustment of any immigration professional is to help clients SUCCEED - after all, achieving case success is the client’s only reason for hiring an immigration professional. However, at AG, we go a step further - our paramount focus on SUCCESSFUL case-management is also our obsession. Why? Because to put it simply, it's only when our clients succeed can AG hope to grow the next 20 years. So, in order to ensure a higher rate of successful case-management, AG has a unique case-management system which involves having 2 professionals attending to your case - your case manager (an immigration professional) AND your case supervisor (an immigration lawyer) - 2 professionals that you can access during your entire case-management process. It’s another thing that really differentiates AG from other firms. At AG, we don't just 'talk the talk' ... we actually truly try to go the extra mile 'to walk it'.

And finally, at AG we also have the professionals to case-manage successful Australian Citizenship and Australian Passport matters including refusals and cancellations. And in coordination with our growing team of affiliated, worldwide, international immigration experts, AG has commenced offering global migration services (albeit limited for now) to help clients inbound other destination-countries as well.


AG is an Australian immigration services firm that has helped clients successfully with their Australian visa and immigration difficulties for more than 20 years. This has given AG the depth of expertise and experience in Australian immigration that comes with successfully helping clients for a long time. Today, AG may be seen amongst the world’s best for SUCCESSFUL immigration case-management for all types of visa applications - from complex to non complex.

AG’s significant accumulated experience as an Australian immigration specialist firm, gained over 2 decades, is exceptional for handling complex and difficult Australian immigration matters - in Australian tribunals (including the Administrative Appeals Tribunal or AAT) and Australian courts (including the Federal Circuit Court of Australia or FCCA). Areas AG specialise in include:

  • Visa Application Refusals
  • Visa Cancellations
  • NOICC cases (Notice of Intention to Consider Cancellation)
  • Family Violence Applications (in Partner Visa situations)
  • Adverse Character cases
  • Adverse Medical cases
  • Unlawful non-citizens in Australia (including over-stayers)
  • AAT (merits-review) applications/appeals
  • Ministerial Intervention applications
  • Federal Court (judicial-review) applications/appeals
  • High Court of Australia applications/appeals
  • Consultations held in Detention Centres (eg. Villawood, Sydney) and Prisons
  • All complex matters - involving visa applications, citizenship, passport or other immigration matters


PLEASE NOTE: Sorry … no walk-in enquiries. Full, detailed consultations (face-to-face or by phone/skype) with any one of the AG Professionals on our team are by pre-arranged appointment only and must be pre-booked and paid in advance. URGENT consultations are confirmed within 24 hours of booking. Brief phone/skype discussions and initial assessments are FREE.

Let the team at AG be your expert guide in what is probably the most important journey you could ever make.

To receive our quickest possible response, please select the one that best satisfies your query or situation. (And if you have chosen your AG Professional to handle your query or consultation, your request will automatically be emailed DIRECTLY to him/her for a QUICKER RESPONSE).

Choose your AG Professional 
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Example: “I know my case mostly. I am looking for the right expert to carefully handle my case. So I want to choose my AG Professional and have a free brief phone discussion with him/her so I can be confident and trust that he/she understands and can handle my case competently from start to finish, and of course discuss AG’s ALWAYS-FIXED-FEE for doing the job”.

Free Assessment
(For free initial assessment and (by invitation) brief phone discussion of the assessment)
Example: “I am just beginning my case and not sure where to start. So, can I have a free initial assessment of my case and, if my case is do-able, an invitation to briefly discuss my eligibility for available options and solutions?” (for NON-URGENT assessment situations. Indicating your chosen AG Professional allows a quicker response time).

Free Phone Discussion
(For free, brief general phone discussion)
Example: “Can I have a free brief phone discussion with my chosen AG Professional regarding a general enquiry I have?” (for NON-URGENT general enquiries and brief phone discussions. Indicating your chosen AG Professional allows a quicker response time).

(For Standard pre-paid FULL consultation)
Example: “I want a consultation to FULLY AND COMPREHENSIVELY discuss my case with an immigration expert including explore/confirm my best options and all other important details?” (For non-urgent FULL consultations to cover all questions you have, normally confirmed within 2-4 days of booking. Indicating your chosen AG Professional allows a quicker response time).

(For URGENT pre-paid FULL consultation)
Example: “I want an URGENT Consultation to FULLY AND COMPREHENSIVELY discuss my case with an immigration expert including explore/confirm my best options and all other important details?” (For URGENT FULL consultations to cover all questions you have - confirmed within 24 HOURS of pre-paid booking OR ELSE STANDARD CONSULTATION rate applies. Indicating your chosen AG Professional allows a quicker response time).

For BUSINESS OR CORPORATE immigration enquiries
Email your full business details including your main questions that you want to discuss to (and put in subject line: “Business Enquiry”)
Note: Indicating your chosen AG Professional allows for a quicker response time. Therefore, click on Choose your AG Professional to allow you to choose your AG Professional as well as select the type of service you require.

If none of the above 6 links applies to your situation, please send a general email enquiry (including full details of your case and (importantly) your QUESTIONS). AG will review, assign and forward it to an appropriate AG Professional to handle. Please note that for commercial reasons, all general email enquiries receive a lower priority in processing; emails that have sparse/incomplete details or no questions (thus not enabling our AG Professionals to understand the purpose of the email) are deleted.
Email to: (and please put in subject line: “General Enquiry”). For a quicker response time, please select and click one of the above 6 links



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