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Now You Can Afford  To Hire An Australian Immigration Lawyer For Your Visa Application !

For a set FIXED PRICE ($990 INCLUDING government tax), AG will professionally do these 4 THINGS for you:

  1. prepare your Australian visa application(and lodge it as quickly as possible for you).
  2. lodge your visa applicationfor you.
  3. give you FULL professional advice

AND Before lodging, AG will also:

  1. do a final Pre-Lodgement Check(to ensure all your papers are legally compliant with all relevant criteria or requirements). It is MOST IMPORTANT to ensure that AT THE TIME THE VISA APPLICATION IS LODGED, the application papers SATISFY EVERY SINGLE CRITERIA so as to make it a "legally valid application". This is a MUST DO - and AG GUARANTEES THIS. (A visa application that is NOT a “legally valid application” WILL IMMEDIATELY BE REJECTED). And with a rejected application, you also risk NOT getting back the government visa application fee you paid which could have been 1000s of $$ depending on the type of visa.

Down-payment: $495 (Balance $495 before lodgement). 

This promotion/invitation applies to the following visa types:

all skilled-related visa applications (such as 475, 485, 489, 186, 187, 189, 190)

all partner visa applications (such as 300, 309, 100, 820, 801)

To learn more, please send us your questions or call us to discuss - click on:
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Welcome to AICLA Global ("AG")

           "If it's immigration, we can handle it"

Let AG be your expert guide in the most important journey you could be making in your lifetime … migrating to Australia !!

20+ Years of Australian Visa & Immigration Specialisation

On this page:

WHAT WE DO ... our bread and butter

Providing high quality services (advising, assisting, representing and guiding clients all the way) based on significant accumulated experience gained over 20 years for making successful visa applications to migrate, re-unite the family, do business, work, study, retire or just visit Australia – this has been and continues to be AG’s bread and butter stuff for over 2 decades. And it’s true that over that time, we have successfully case-managed probably every kind of visa application there is. So, if it’s about Australian immigration and helping you create and access the bountiful opportunities that come with Living, Visiting, Working, Studying, Retiring or Doing Business in AUSTRALIA ... YES WE CAN !!

AG’s experienced immigration experts (licensed immigration lawyers and other professionals) help individuals, families and businesses with all types of visa applications – including skilled, employer/state sponsored, 457, partner, business owner/investor, student and refugee visas. From the very straightforward to the most complex - we have handled them. We can also take over the management of cases at all levels & stages of the visa application or appeal case. So, if you need AG to take over management of an existing case, we offer a seamless transition process that comes without the stress. To view the very broad variety of cases we have handled to date, click on: [Successful Cases & Range of Work]

At AG, we strongly believe that the single most important entrustment of any immigration professional is to help clients SUCCEED -  after all, is not MISSION SUCCESS the client’s only real reason for hiring an immigration professional to help ? However, at AG, we go a step further - our paramount focus on SUCCESSFUL case-management is also our obsession. Why? Because, simply put, AG can continue to grow and succeed ONLY WHEN our clients succeed. So, to ensure the highest probability of success for you, AG has a unique case-management system which involves 2 in-house professionals working on your case at any given time - your case manager (an immigration professional) AND your case supervisor (an immigration lawyer) - 2 professionals THAT YOU CAN RELY ON during the entire case-managing process. It’s just another thing that truly differentiates AG from other firms. So, for all the above reasons, we truly say that at AG, we don't merely pay lip service about AG's number 1 policy (“our client is our number 1 priority”) - or put another way, at AG, what counts is not just about 'talking the talk' ... it's ‘walking the talk’.


AG is an Australian immigration services firm that has helped clients successfully with their Australian visa and immigration difficulties for more than 20 years. This has given AG the depth of accumulated expertise and experience in Australian immigration that can only come with successfully helping clients for a long time. Today, AG stands amongst the world’s best for SUCCESSFUL immigration case-management for all types of AUSTRALIAN visa applications whether complex or straightforward.

Helping clients successfully navigate their immigration difficulties for more than 20 years has given AG the depth of accumulated expertise and experience for handling Australian immigration matters in all areas – including Australian tribunals (such as the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, AAT) and Australian courts (such as the Federal Circuit Court of Australia, FCCA). Understandably, today AG stands amongst the world’s best for SUCCESSFUL immigration case-management for all types of AUSTRALIAN visa applications whether complex or non-complex.

Areas that AG specialise in include:


  • Visa Application Refusals
  • Visa Cancellations
  • NOICC cases (Notice of Intention to Consider Cancellation)
  • Family Violence Visa Applications (in Partner Visa situations)
  • Adverse Character cases
  • Adverse Medical cases
  • Unlawful non-citizens in Australia (including over-stayers)
  • AAT (merits-review) applications/appeals
  • Ministerial Intervention applications
  • Federal Court (judicial-review) applications/appeals
  • High Court of Australia applications/appeals
  • We do consultations in Detention Centres (eg. Villawood, Sydney) and Prisons
  • All complex matters - involving visa applications, citizenship, passport or other immigration matters

- for overseas students wishing to enrol for study in AUSTRALIA
- for overseas students who need help to resolve difficulties with their university/college lecturers or administration

  • Career/Education Institution/Course/Subject Selection, Counselling and Guidance - in connection with YOUR FUTURE visa application choices
  • Offer Letter & Course Enrolment
  • Student Visas
  • Dealing with your university or college (and other education services providers) regarding Course/Enrollment Cancellations and Exclusions

(provided by law offices of legal practitioners on AG’s consulting team)

These services coordinated by AG will help NEW Australian citizens as well as Australian permanent and temporary residents (such as visitors, backpackers, working holiday makers, overseas students, etc) in the following areas:

  • Final Letter Of Demand & Small Claims in court - in connection with shoddy or unprofessional work by contractors, trades-persons (house repairs, car repairs, etc)
  • Human Rights related matters and complaints (including racial discrimination)
  • Illegal/Unlawful treatment in employment and in the workplace
  • Illegal/Unlawful treatment by your school, university or college (including course exclusion, bullying of students by lecturers/teachers/institutions)
  • Illegal/Unlawful treatment by your landlord (including unfair termination of rent/lease, unfair conditions/terms, bullying by landlords/real estate agents)
  • Family law and Family Court matters
  • All legal matters/complaints commonly faced by visitors, overseas students, temporary residents and OLD/NEW Australian migrants


PLEASE NOTE: Sorry … no walk-in enquiries. Full, detailed consultations (face-to-face or by phone/skype) with any one of the AG Professionals on our team are by pre-arranged appointment only and must be pre-booked and paid in advance. URGENT consultations are confirmed within 24 hours of booking. Brief phone/skype discussions and initial assessments are FREE.

Let the team at AG be your expert guide in what is probably the most important journey you could ever make.

To receive our quickest possible response, please select the one that best satisfies your query or situation. (And if you have chosen your AG Professional to handle your query or consultation, your request will automatically be emailed DIRECTLY to him/her for a QUICKER RESPONSE).

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Free Assessment
(For free assessment and (by invitation) free phone discussion of the assessment)
Example: “I am just beginning my case and not sure where to start. So, can I have a free initial assessment of my case and, if my case is do-able, an invitation to discuss my eligibility for available options and solutions?”

Free Phone Discussion
(For a free,phone discussion)
Example: “Can I have a free phone discussion with my chosen AG Professional regarding a general enquiry I have?”

(For Standard pre-paid FULL consultation)
Example: “I want a consultation to FULLY AND COMPREHENSIVELY discuss my case with an immigration expert including explore/confirm my best options and all other important details?” (For non-urgent FULL consultations to cover all questions you have, normally confirmed within 2-4 days of booking. Indicating your chosen AG Professional allows a quicker response time).

(For URGENT pre-paid FULL consultation)
Example: “I want an URGENT Consultation to FULLY AND COMPREHENSIVELY discuss my case with an immigration expert including explore/confirm my best options and all other important details?” (For URGENT FULL consultations to cover all questions you have - confirmed within 24 HOURS of pre-paid booking OR ELSE STANDARD CONSULTATION rate applies. Indicating your chosen AG Professional allows a quicker response time).

For BUSINESS OR CORPORATE immigration enquiries
Email your full business details including your main questions that you want to discuss to (and put in subject line: “Business Enquiry”)
Note: Indicating your chosen AG Professional allows for a quicker response time. Therefore, click on Choose your AG Professional to allow you to choose your AG Professional as well as select the type of service you require.

If none of the above 6 links applies to your situation, please send a general email enquiry (including full details of your case and (importantly) your QUESTIONS). AG will review, assign and forward it to an appropriate AG Professional to handle. Please note that for commercial reasons, all general email enquiries receive a lower priority in processing; emails that have sparse/incomplete details or no questions (thus not enabling our AG Professionals to understand the purpose of the email) are deleted.
Email to: (and please put in subject line: “General Enquiry”). For a quicker response time, please select and click one of the above 6 links


AICLA Global (AG) is a 20+ year established “specialist” immigration consulting firm head-officed in Australia. Its primary focus is on providing high quality, comprehensive Australia/New Zealand immigration services through its team of Australian, New Zealand and worldwide immigration lawyers and other experts which also include licensed/registered migration agents. AG does not provide general legal services as it is not a law firm or legal practice (s3 Legal Profession Act 2008). Rather AG is an “immigration specialist” firm providing high-end professional immigration services for ALL clients  (via easy stress-free monthly instalment payments) through its team of immigration lawyers and other consultants – in delivering the services, our primary focus is on the immigration laws, case law, procedures and government policies of Australia and New Zealand.



We value your compliments, complaints and suggestions. Your compliments let us know where we are performing well and your complaints/suggestions help us further improve our services to all our clients (to whom we owe our number 1 duty).