Our Fees & Instalment Plans

In a policy statement, the Australian Government (on its immigration website) advises as follows, and we quote:

“professional immigration services fees can vary depending on:

  • Your visa application type or nature of your immigration case.
  • The amount of time it will take to prepare your application. Some visa applications take longer to prepare than others.
  • The level and depth of service you need or request. If you need or request extra help or have complex circumstances. For example your professional might charge more if you have dependants on your application (such as children).
  • The experience and qualifications of your professional. If your professional is an immigration lawyer or has many years of experience, their fees might be higher.”

We think that the Australian Government policy is reasonable, so that in further support of the policy, we offer as follows:

  • AG has a FIXED-FEE-IF-YOU-WANT-IT policy (with absolutely no hidden costs). Our fee is fixed and you can even negotiate this fixed fee with any one of our AG Professionals BEFORE the agreement is signed. Of course, if clients prefer, they can opt for a negotiated hourly-based contract instead. We are flexible.
  • AG’s no-obligation Written Quote stating the agreed (or negotiated) AG fixed fee is sent to you so you can have the time to consider before you decide to hire AG’s services. Upon engagement, AG’s Written Agreement containing the agreed (or negotiated) quote will be prepared and sent to you.
  • AG’s fixed fee for all immigration services are fully negotiable and can be paid via a fixed number of easy monthly instalments starting from as low as $100 per week.
  • AG knows the unpredictable can sometimes happen, so if there are unexpected stressful financial events during the course of completion of our work on your case, let us know as early as possible so we can review and re-negotiate your instalments to make it easier for you to pay.

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