Our Main Services – AUSTRALIA


Service # 1:
FREE Indicative Assessment

When you complete our [Free Assessment] form, one of AG’s consulting team members will expend appropriate time to do the following:

(A) Research, analyse and assess FREE (no charge to you) your case as to your possible eligibility for the visa you want (including, if this applies to you, whether the Education institution & course you are thinking about will lead to the visa you want); AND

(B) (if your case warrants it) Email you an invitation to telephone him/her to discuss FREE (no charge to you) your eligibility based on the indicative assessment done. During this discussion, you will also be able to negotiate AG’s fixed fee to do the job for you, and ask for confirmation (in writing) of AG’s agreed fixed-fee Quote (with absolutely no hidden costs) to fully handle your case from start to finish (see also Service #4).

Email to: [enquiry@australianimmigration.com.au] or email directly to any AG Professional you choose on our team to request a FREE initial assessment as to your visa ELIGIBILITY, and in your email, remember to provide:

(1) full relevant details of your case; and

(2) your key questions (especially important to say what visa you want).

Service # 2
Free Phone Discussion (FPD)

This is a free brief phone (or Skype) discussion. When you click on [Free Phone Discussion] and complete the form shown, one of the AG consultants on our team will contact you to arrange your FPD appointment. For optimum and faster service, we recommend that you choose the AG consultant you wish to call for your FPD (you can choose from: Our AG Professionals) .

Please remember YOU must phone/Skype the AG consultant on the confirmed date/time granted to you by the AG consultant as normally no further FREE (FPD) appointments will be granted. However, at any time, you can and are able to Book a Consultation – to do this, select and click on the type of Consultation (Standard or Urgent) you need.

Please note that for legal reasonsprofessional or legal Advice will only be given during a Consultation (and not during the FPD which is an opportunity for you to Discuss your case – for example, discussing your case so as to find out the chances of success and if so, whether AG can accept your case (for case-management), offering an opportunity to you to talk to one of our AG consultants (so yo can decide if he/she is the consultant you wish to work with), to get information about AG’s written fixed-fee, fixed fee quote and instalment plans (to suit your financial circumstances), processing times for your type of case, etc.

NOTE: If your case needs URGENT attention, please click on [Book Urgent Consultation].

Service # 3
Full STANDARD Consultation
URGENT Consultation

  • All Full Consultations are DETAILED consultations, and need to be pre-arranged, pre-paid and by appointment only.
  • Standard Consultations are for non-urgent situations and are normally confirmed within 3-7 days
  • Urgent Consultations will be confirmed within 24 hours of receipt of email booking (or else the lower standard consultation rate will apply). (To receive your confirmation within 24 hours, you MUST book an Urgent Consultation online and pay by a Visa or MasterCard credit card)
  • Costs:

Standard Consultation:
half hour (telephone/skype only) $125;
one hour (telephone/skype or face to face) $250

Urgent Consultation:
half hour (telephone/skype only) $220
one hour (telephone/skype or face to face) $440

  • Standard or Urgent Consultations are for receiving FULL & DETAILED professional legal advice/assistance on your case. This will occur during your Consultation after your AG Immigration Professional has fully analysed, assessed and discussed your case and explored all possible legal options and solutions with you.
  • You can pre-book and pre-pay for any Consultation online using either a Visa or Mastercard credit card – to do this, click on:

[Book STANDARD Consultation]  OR  [Book URGENT Consultation]

For alternative pre-payment methods, please click on: [How to pay AG]
(Note: During the booking process, you will need to suggest your 3 suitable dates and times for your Full Consultation, one of which will be chosen and confirmed by one of our expert Australian Immigration Professionals).

  • Pre-booking and pre-payment are mandatory for any FULL & DETAILED Consultation (our consultation fee is indicated during the booking process so you know BEFORE you confirm payment).
  • Once you have pre-booked and pre-paid, you will be contacted by email so that your Consultation can be arranged.

Service # 4:

  • To fully and comprehensively manage, that is, FULLY ADVICE, ASSIST & REPRESENT YOU in your case (from start to finish)
  • Our AG Immigration Professionals can fully manage cases (for people who are moving from anywhere in the world to anywhere in Australia)
  • We fully and comprehensively manage your entire Australian immigration matter for you (so you are spared from receiving any worrying or unexpected phone calls/emails/letters from Australian Immigration Department officers – and not knowing what to do)
  • We manage ALL Australian immigration and citizenship matters – including all visa applications to the Australian Immigration Office (DIBP) or an overseas Australian Embassy, or an appeal case to the AAT (Administrative Appeals Tribunal) or an Australian court. That is, we manage your Australian immigration case from when you engage us to when the result is received from the authorities. (And because of AG’s always-fixed-fee policy, there are absolutely guaranteed no hidden costs whatsoever)
  • AICLA Global (AG) are responsible for fully and comprehensively running your case including dealing with all third parties involved in your case and any person or organization that could impact on the success of your case. Being registered lawyers, we are able to handle any legal issue or complication that relates and impacts upon your immigration case

Therefore, the benefits to you of having Service #4 are as follows:

  • we sort and select out all important and relevant information in the process of informing, discussing and advising you;
  • we advise you on the probability of obtaining the Australian visa you want based on the information and evidence you give us;
  • we advise you on all legal options (visa pathways) for obtaining other (alternative) Australian visa/s that will allow you to do what you need to do in Australia before you can qualify for your final intended visa;
  • we advise you on any other legal strategies or preparatory work which should first be done before lodgement of your visa application;
  • we help you obtain crucially important documents from the government where necessary
  • we help you obtain crucially important documents from third parties where necessary;
  • we check and finalise all legal papers (including all official application forms)
  • we help you prepare all legal documents such as statutory declarations and affidavits;
  • we help and advice you on how and where you can gather together all evidentiary documents needed in your application or immigration matter;
  • after confirming with you, we contact, discuss and arrange with all third party experts (e.g. Accountants, psychologists, doctors, hospitals, employers, etc.) for the provision of strategically-useful third party papers or expert opinions which in our legal opinion are important for your application or matter. (This sometimes involves AG entering into highly legal and technical discussions with those third party experts “for appropriate legal orientation” of their papers to make them more significant to the success of your case. Their answers, opinions and reports constitute support papers that are submitted to immigration authorities);
  • we lodge all papers, forms and documents (and all subsequent follow-up documents) at the correct Australian immigration office;
  • we do all follow-up work and case management until the application decision is received from the immigration authorities. (This involves AG conducting all communications directly with Immigration Dept including having to answer further questions on your behalf or making further legal submissions to immigration officers and arranging further technical/legal discussions and meetings with them and any third parties about issues raised by immigration officers)
  • we help you prepare in advance for your interview with the Australian immigration office. This includes discussing with you difficult as well as probable questions you are likely to be asked at the interview. This will help you not to give any misleading or unclear answers which may go against your case. (You should be aware that it is easy to ‘fail’ at an interview based on your demeanour at the interview, the type of answers you give or the type of words you use at the interview. Therefore, you should never take the interview lightly)
  • When you use this service, we highly recommend that you elect NOT to be contacted by (and refrain from contacting or communicating with) any immigration officer during the entire processing period of your case. As your professional representative, AG’s office and your AG Immigration Professional (your case manager) will handle, for you and on behalf of you, all necessary and related communications, negotiations, responses and legal work in dealing with Australian immigration officers.
  • If you receive any letters, emails or unexpected phone calls from any Australian immigration officer, we highly recommend that you exercise your full legal rights – to refuse to speak or deal directly with them – you should not answer any questions but only request them to contact your AG Immigration Professional (your case manager) for any information they need. The only exception to this rule is where the law requires that you attend an interview before a decision on your case is made – and we will fully prepare you for such interviews beforehand.

Our single paramount objective is simply this: the success of your immigration case – we are absolutely mindful that you hire us to use our professional minds and best efforts to achieve this.

If your want AG to fully and comprehensively prepare and manage your Australian immigration case, please contact our main office or one of our Australian immigration experts (see Our AG Professionals) to discuss how to proceed – click on: [Our AG Professionals]

Service # 5:
Pre-lodgement Visa Application Check (PVAC)

(Note: Please DO NOT send us any ORIGINAL documents; pre-payment required)

AG’s “You Do It, We Check It” service. For clients wanting effective specialist legal immigration help at a minimum of cost – we confirm in writing our fixed-fee before we start.

With this service, you prepare your entire Australian visa application papers. Then, before you lodge them, you contact your chosen AG Professional to obtain a PVAC. Your PVAC will give you an immigration expert’s opinion as to whether your visa application papers are ready and complete for lodging

Your PVAC is invaluable if you need peace of mind. Without a PVAC and the knowledge of an immigration law expert, you could quite easily be lodging, (in one or more ways) a defective visa application which will inevitably lead to a visa application failure. An Australian visa application failure should always be regarded as a very serious and damaging immigration’ event to your future intentions of entering or remaining permanently in Australia – such events should be absolutely avoided if at all possible.

After your AG Professional receives your request for a PVAC, he/she will tell you exactly when and how to send ONE PHOTOCOPY of your Australian visa application papers. (Please DO NOT SEND YOUR ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS as we will NOT return any papers to you. The purpose of this policy is to keep down costs and avoid the risk of loss of your originals).

Upon receipt of your Australian visa application papers, we will carry out our examination/assessment of your papers before we prepare and send you your PVAC.

Our preliminary PVAC work includes reading and checking your papers, making notes on any potentially and legally conflicting facts, doing legal research to ensure the correct uptodate laws, forms and other documents are satisfied, and commenting on any documentary or evidentiary deficiencies in your papers, thus ensuring there are no fatal factual or legal errors in your papers before you lodge. We also advice on whether any further attachments or documents are required or recommended. Based on this preliminary work, we then finally prepare and send you your PVAC. Our fixed fee for your PVAC varies from case to case (depending on the volume of papers you send to us for checking and the legal complexity of your case – you must obtain in writing a confirmed fixed-fee quote from your chosen AG Professional and pre-pay before you send your papers to us).

If your want AG to do a PVAC for you, please contact your AG Immigration Professional to discuss how to proceed and our fixed-fee for doing the job – click on: [Our AG Professionals]

Service # 6:
Small Assignments

We are also able to deal with any “follow-up work” including any particular or specific aspect of your immigration matter before or after you lodge your papers. Perhaps your application is taking too long to be processed by the Australian Embassy or High Commission. Or they have asked you some “difficult” questions and you are worried and not sure  how best  to deal with them. AG can help you here via a Small Assignment engagement for a fixed-fee.

Some clients contact us for help to speed up the processing of the case (common especially when dealing with Australian immigration officers at Australian Embassies or High Commissions) or checking post-lodgement papers and then advising on, for instance, medical criteria, sponsorships, assurances of support (mandatory or discretionary), or any other unexpected matters raised by Australian immigration officers during the processing of their application. Our AG Professionals are experienced in dealing with all such matters.

Also, we can help you prepare and lodge further documents and legal submissions for strengthening your case or monitor and follow-up on your case until a decision is made by Australian immigration authorities. We are experienced at helping clients in small jobs such as these.

So if you only have a specific or particular issue in your post-lodgement processing stage that is worrying you, why not contact an AG Professional for help. For a negotiated fixed-fee, we can expertly work to legally settle your worries or concerns and so give you peace of mind.

PLEASE NOTE: As in service #2, if you use our “Small Assignment” service, we highly advice and recommend that you elect NOT to talk to or be contacted by any Australian immigration officer during the period of AG’s engagement – we will handle ALL communications with Australian immigration officers for you.

If you want AG to handle your Small Assignment, please contact your AG Immigration Professional to discuss how to proceed and our fixed costs for doing the job – click on: [Our AG Professionals]