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What We Are – What We Are Not

What we are:

  • we are a firm whose primary focus and expertise area is AUSTRALIA – IMMIGRATION & EDUCATION CONSULTING … and we charge a reasonable FIXED-FEE for our services
  • we are owned and managed by professionals including lawyers, a modern Australian consultancy offering immigration and education consulting services for individuals, families and from small, medium (SMEs) to large businesses. Our fixed-fee services are provided by enrolled Australian and International immigration lawyers, registered migration agents and other professional consultants
  • although our consulting offices are worldwide, our main office is based in Australia, Perth CBD, for over 20 years. As such, we are an Australian immigration services firm providing services to LOCAL (WA), NATIONAL (AUSTRALIA-WIDE) & GLOBAL clients..
  • we are a client-centric firm of Australian and international immigration and education professionals – a firm that was designed, built and continues to evolve with clients at the centre of AG’s main purpose and reason
  • we are a highly forward-thinking, innovative, tech-driven consultancy for the delivery of highly efficient and effective Australian immigration and education services (advice, assistance and full representation) to local, national and global clients
  • we are committed to the strong fundamental belief that the focus of what we do must be to first look after the interests and concerns of OUR CLIENTS who are and must always be our NUMBER 1 PRIORITY. Therefore, the delivery of our Australian immigration services (by our expert team of  Australian Immigration Lawyers and other professionals) must necessarily and innovatively give full meaning and support to that belief.

What we are NOT:

  • we are not a firm run by just migration agents or non-lawyers
  • although one of AG’s partners is an enrolled Australian lawyer who prefers not to maintain a current practising certificate, however AG is not a law firm and certainly AG is not like those traditional, old-fashioned legal firms that provide services according to time-based contracts (retainers) and “billable hours”. This means when AG handles your case, AG will NOT bill you with seemingly endless fees through seemingly endless monthly invoices (which unfortunately most traditional law firms still do). AG believes and provides COST CERTAINTY and COST FINALITY because we know this is critically important to you and all our clients
  • we are not a network service
  • we are not a referring or booking service

Vision, Mission, Culture, Beliefs, Values

With its global central hub and main office in CBD Perth, Australia and consulting offices worldwide, AG is an innovative professional consultancy offering Australian immigration services to a local, international and global client base – AG is the modern way for providing professional immigration services to clients who are located ANYWHERE in the world – that means, locally, internationally, globally.


AG’s vision is simply to make it as easy and economical as possible for anyone anywhere in the world to get citizenship or residency (temporary or permanent) primarily for AUSTRALIA. We aim to include other destination-countries as well.


To achieve the vision, our most important mission objective is and must be to continually innovate to develop and build the most efficient and effective Client-Centric service-delivery system instinctively driven by competition to provide Fixed-Price immigration services for individuals, families and small, medium or large business owners anywhere in the world. And in so doing, to make AICLA one of the best in the world for the easiest, fairest and best way to buy and receive professional immigration services – locally, internationally and globally – for Australia and other-destination countries. 24/7 – 365 Australia and worldwide.

Culture – Beliefs – Values

AG’s culture, foremost, is about looking after clients – individuals, families and business owners – so as to fully satisfy their requirements or needs for professional Australian immigration services for going “from anywhere in the world to Australia”. It is in our business culture to value and honour the privilege we are entrusted with of working with and for the best interests of our clients.

AG’s culture primarily is characterised by its beliefs and values which are central to the way it does business with its clients. Our 3 main beliefs and values in order of priority are:

  • CLIENTS FIRST: The interests of our clients are and must always be our No. 1 priority.
  • TEAMWORK & HARD WORK: Satisfying (and exceeding the expectations of) our clients is the ultimate and most important perennial indicator of AG’s shared success which is attributed to the collective and individual hard work of ALL our people.
  • INNOVATE & CHANGE: To survive in today’s fast-changing business world, our people must embrace innovation, a flexible approach and the readiness to adapt – with speed, passion and commitment – in order to improve and excel in the delivery of our professional services to our clients.

Brief History

The firm, today known as AICLA Global (AG) was first established in Australia in late 1994 by two of its co-founding partners – Steve De Souza, an international Human Resource executive, and Chris Narayanan [view profile] an enrolled Australian lawyer who prefers not to maintain a current practising certificate. AG is a world leader in the provision of immigration services, a modern and innovative international immigration firm with a primary focus on Australian and New Zealand immigration services for individuals, families and business owners (of small, medium or large businesses). AG’s professional services fees are FIXED-PRICE and according to your (the client’s) preference.

Two outstanding, overarching features that make AG fundamentally different from its competitors is that, first, every client’s case we manage receives the professional and legal care of 2 (TWO) specialist immigration professionals both of whom are directly accessible to the client – the client’s Case Manager and a specialist Australian Immigration Lawyer that administratively supervises the case – to provide greater service-quality and greater peace of mind to our clients. Second, AG’s immigration service-delivery model is designed with clients (not shareholders, directors and other senior executives) foremost and most importantly at the centre and focus of AG’s existential reason and purpose. In full congruence with its culture, beliefs and values, “clients first” is and must always be AG’s No. 1 policy and priority.

Our expert immigration team of Australian and International AG Professionals (that include licensed and experienced Australian and International Immigration Lawyers and MARA (Australian Government) registered Consultants) are located in Australia and worldwide. Our comprehensive and holistic Australian immigration services for individuals, families and small, medium or large businesses will help most importantly in 2 ways:

  1. to enable persons legally ENTER (or inbound) Australia using the correct visa; and
  2. to enable persons legally REMAIN in Australia after entering (that is, remain FULLY IMMIGRATION-COMPLIANT at all times whilst in Australia).

To view our expert team, please click on: [Our AG Professionals]. To view our extensive record over 20 years of immigration services, please click on:  [Successful Cases & Range Of Work]. To view original client testimonials that explain the foundation and development of AG’s corporate culture, integrity and ethos, please click on: [Client Testimonials and Recognition]

Whether we are helping individuals, families or businesses, AG’s results-driven, client-centric ethos has always been singularly simple – to strive hard to deliver the results that our clients want. After all, that is the central justification for our clients to reward AG.

In today’s fast-changing, mobility-conscious world, a fast growing trend has been the wisdom and need for acquiring multiple passports, citizenships and permanent (or long-term-residence) visas. AG is mindful of this and therefore we are also committed to growing a worldwide team of Australian and international experts on immigration.

At AG, our most important and principal focus area has always been, is and remains AUSTRALIAN IMMIGRATION. Hence, way back from 1995, our motto remains the same: “IF IT’S IMMIGRATION, WE CAN HANDLE IT”.

So, when you are ready to start planning for your journey to Australia, let AG be your reliable and trustful guide as we begin your journey together – to lawfully enter and remain in Australia. It’s probably the most important journey you are likely to ever make.