Free Australian Immigration Do-ability Assessment
(Assessment Form)

OUR FREE “DO-ABILITY” ASSESSMENT SERVICE involves AICLA’s assessment of your case to give you general (indicative) information as to whether your case is “do-able” for the visa or immigration result that you want. For your free assessment, AICLA does not provide, discuss or explain specific legal or professional advice & information (“professional advice”) that is tailor-made (specific) to your case. Our professional advice is not free and to get this, you must pre-book your professional consultation online and then email to AICLA (including any attachments you may have) your detailed instructions (including information) for your case. Once you have done this, AICLA will contact you (within 24 hours if an urgent consultation is pre-booked) to confirm your booking and organise your professional consultation.
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Please complete and submit the form below with full details so that AICLA can conduct a free do-ability assessment of your case (to assess your eligibility for the visa you want.or the immigration result you are looking for).

[For your convenience only, you may Click here to download the list of specified skilled occupations when making applications for Australian skilled visas. The list is broadly accurate yet indicative. The list should be used only in conjunction with professional help when preparing your visa application.]

Alternatively you can download the form below (as a Microsoft Word Document) to fill in, scan and email it directly to the AG Immigration Professional you would like to consult with. Click here to download the form.